Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year Email Bible Study

Hey! Just putting this out there for any blog readers who want the info:
I think we will shortly be starting another daily email Bible study - if you are interested please let me know and I will send you the details.

Well, (after years of not making any..) I made 5 New Year's resolutions this year... with a flow chart of how & why I want to accomplish them. Disgusting... even to me, but I am excited at the same time.
I blew part of it already today... but I am finally giving up on the perfectionist part of me, which frees me up to start again, even on day two.

Diet Coke. Yes. Bleecchhh. But yes.

Teresa - I'm still up for the accountability if you are. I was thinking of emailing my Weight watcher points to you every day - then you would know when I dropped off email what I had just eaten....;-).

Just kidding.

Hope everyone feels their own fresh start today.


Anonymous said...

you are giving up diet coke?? WHY?? I think that's the one zero calorie thing we can have and still enjoy! I think you're talking jibberish.

Carrie said...

ummmm I was going to ask the same question marcy did...WHY but you do know they have coke zero and that taste the same as coke...and it is really good too....but water is the best for you..blah blah blah I know:) what work out are you doing?

Danna said...

I am still comtemplating my New Year's resolutions. The flow chart cracked me up because it sounds like my husband! :o) Can I get in on the WW accountability? I have so fallen off the wagon and need to get back on. It would help me to have others to be accountable to. I know I can do it...I've done it's just getting the motivation to get started again.

heather said...

No - I'm starting diet coke.
BUT! I FORGOT about the COKE ZERO! Thanks for the save Carrie!

Core Workout(off TV) for exercise... it's actually pretty good! Plus walking...

Danna - you can totally be in on the WW point thing. That is one area I can use the momentum of accountability. We'll do that by email .... ;-) No public weigh in's at my house though. ;-)

I love you guys!

Danna said...

I forgot about Coke Zero, too. Does it really taste like regular Coke?? I cannot stand Diet Coke, unless of course, I go to Sonic and get it with vanilla! :o)

Cool...we can have our own little WW group! And a big WHEW on no public weigh ins! :o)

Brenda said...

Yes, I would like to be in on the New Year Bible Study. Depending on how in depth it is. My classes this time are honors classes and not sure how much stress I can take! Not that the bible is stressful or anything but don't want to feel pressured! Ha!

I'm not jumping in on the WW thing this time, but I am doing the workout thing, 3x a week at the club. I got my personal trainer back. She's really cool. She looks like Paula Abdul! It's a little intimidating! Especially when she does squats in front of me! Ugh! What a motivator! She plans my meals for me and tells me how to eat. I haven't had an ounce of pop for 3 months now so I figure I've given it up. She can really tell if I've eaten something I'm not supposed to so I just try not stay away from it all. I've done pretty good so far. And I've dropped some lbs. so I'll stay this course I think. I'm here to support you girls.
Heather what are you doing at home??? Sounds like "Buns of Steele!" ;o) Ouch!

Theresa said...

dude! I'm totally up for the accountability thing!

I started my diet today, and so far I've done well. I'm attempting to make sure I drink all my water before I indulge in even a diet coke. For some reason once I taste coke that's all I want to drink for the rest of the day. And I really need to drink more water.

Anyway... shoot me an email, and I'll shoot you one back. And, Danna, you're awesome! Glad to have you on board too!!!

Good luck, girls!

michelle said...

hello hello hello.... okay so i have a confession i totally didn't make it through that last bible study. i tried i failed.
NEW YEAR BIBLE STUDY! here i come. lol. any chance this one will be a little less intese? that would be amazing. i do really want a bible study to go through. so let me know if you can. I love you lots and did you're husband ever figure out that i brought you your plunger? you should tell him if you haven't already. lol he called me like 20 minutes after i left your alright well i will talk to you later. have a wonderful day!

Rick said...

This is sounding way too much like one of those all girl things. I feel so left out. I'm not sure if I can keep up the pace but I'd love to get in on the Bible study. Anything that gets me into the Word more has got to be good. Now as for the diet stuff, I'll leave that to you youngsters, even though I do need to shed a few pounds.