Saturday, January 07, 2006

For Resistance, add a 3 year old to your work out!

Today was a totally fun day.

Eli's first basketball game!
We knew it would be fun when the lights went out, a fog machine and spotlight came on, a loud speaker played "Let's get ready to rumble" and each player ran out to his name and loud booming music to generate excitement. ( Yes, some kids did look overwhelmed themselves as they ran to their spot.) This church does AWESOME in how it invests in kids and families through this program. The game was exciting to watch, and the competitive side I always try and squelch TOTALLY came out in me.

Then on to the Curtis's birthday party - which was SO fun. Our kids ran around while we, okay I, played games. Got to play SKEEBALL... a hidden obsession of mine. My best games are played when no one is to the left of me, but I did pretty good, still. Okay, that's too sick obsessions confessed in two days. No more.
Best of all was just being with friends. I love that, and am totally blessed by that. I feel thankful for all that God has given me in so many wonderful friends. I remember times in my life having felt so completely alone, that I wondered if things like this ever happened besides in the movies. I'm eager for many who I know are out there that still feel that way to find out, even in simple ways how rich life in Him and with His people is. Even at a birthday party. I still never take a minute for granted.

And lastly, I totally blew the "points" for today (pizza at the birthday party...) so a loss there but I felt good about portion control - so I still count the day a victory in overall life style change. I just snacked for dinner.. and exercised tonight.

It was funny - in doing my exercise routine, Julia wanted to join me. She was trying to make it a bit more of a spa than a workout though. Every time I would lay down to do crunches, she would run and slip a pillow under my head while I was up saying "I got you mama" and then throw a blanket over me. I would switch to the other side for sit ups, and here she would come, carefully waiting for the rhythm and moment to slip that pillow under me and throw the blanket on top. I don't have weights yet, so she was ready at each interval of the workout to bring me my waterbottles to lift. Gotta love that girl.

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Carrie said...

GIRL IF SOMEONE GAVE ME A PILLOW DURING MY WORKOUT....I WOULD FALL ASLEEP! you have so much more strength than I do.....there has been so much sickness in this house I have not had my chance to work out again...I need to see what video you are working out with because I do not know if I can work with Denise...let me ya