Saturday, December 31, 2005

I sing because I'm happy....

Okay - this will not make much sense to most of you who read this. Skip by it if you want. Stu and Ang, Flee, etc. ... read on..

I'm not a sentimental person. I wish I were. My mom and husband wish I were too.

But tonight, as I drove to pick up TGI Friday's dinner (Julia's sick at home) I was listening to a new Selah Cd - Greatest Hymns. A friend here in Tulsa got me hooked on them ...and this CD took me back to a very special place in my heart....

It started with their version of "His eye is on the sparrow"..

(Sister Act?) .... Stu, Angie, Jon, Leonard, Terri, Flee, -everyone was there in the car with me, or rather I was far away .. in an apartment, or a living room, or a church, or car.... so many places where spontaneous heartfelt praise broke loose. Something about being with you all singing brought the most uninhibited songs out of my own soul... it's only happened a couple of times since.
I always knew I was out of my league singing with you all... but maybe it was because you all didn't think you were anybody special either that made me feel okay about it. You led in your heartpraise... and that always freed me up to do the same. I feel emotional about missing you tonight... and eternally thankful that He would put such experiences and such friends in my life.. Challenging me to take the lead in some other areas to do for someone else what you all did for me. I don't always lead well (and not at all when it comes to singing to Him) but you all shaped so much of who I am and more than that you shaped my confidence in Him in so many other areas.

Your friendship in Him is an eternal gift. Your voices continue to direct my heart towards him. Funny how moments that happened years and years ago still have present and powerful influence like we would never believe they would. Only He can work such miracles.

I can't wait for the next time I get to be a part of the chorus of your voices. Maybe I'll have to wait for the trumpet to blow... but I hope not.

Keep singing.... and blessing those around you by it.


Brenda said...

There's something about that Selah CD that brings out that side of you doesn't it. I love that CD and it's one of my absolute favorite. But where did you ever come up with the thought you were were not a sentimental person? Oh Hog Wash my friend. Who are you trying to fool! (Smile)
Somebody who sings because they are happy IS sentimental in their heart! A sentimental person is someone that has feelings, emotions, opinions, and love and you my friend are all of those.

Now...In Psalms I love how it says to sing Joyfully, Upright in your heart, Sing and not be silent, Sing and make music, Sing Praises, Sing for Joy, Sing to HIM, Sing of your strength, Sing of your love, And then sing in the shadow of His wings! Sleah
(Of course that's paraphrased)
But you sing it Heather!

I love to caputre that feeling that you had tonight and put it in a locket and cherish it forever. What a blessing that feeling is.

I too am not the best singer. I'm like one of the temptations. I'm a better backup singer than anything. But I can praise my Lord and Savior and especially with my Selah CD over and over. How powerful that CD is. Your story is priceless! And you keep singing from your heart and sing it from a mountain top because you are truly a sentimental person!!!! Love you!!!

Brenda said...

I had to laugh this morning when I woke up and Sister Act was on TV when I was getting ready for church! I had a BIG SMILE and thought of you!

Jennie said...

this is sort of silly but... that is one of my favorite songs of all times.

Angie Burns said...

Oh... I hope it's not too late to comment! With all the holidays I've been behind on reading blogs. Just decided to do some catching up tonight. Oh my goodness... to hear that from your point of view and with your emotions (which are so much more dear since you keep them in reserve) just confirms something for me. I think each one of us has those same deep feelings. I mean... I know part of it is cameraderie and the kind of gatherings AIM provides that are so easily taken for granted - special memories. But more than that... don't you think it's a taste of what it's like to be a part of something so much larger than our lives? I mean... there are plenty of other people who sing better (although Stuart can still bring tears to my eyes!)... but there's no greater One who inspires to sing.

I can still taste the cups of raspberry tea you served us at your place. You are too good to all, girlfriend... too good!

BTW... you just made a sale for Selah. They owe you commission.

I miss you so much!