Monday, November 17, 2008

More reasons I love my 9 year old.

Eli's a teacher at heart. Sunday, he was working up a 'series' that he was going to teach. We have a little dry erase board at home, and so this particular class he was working was called the "Wipeoff Board" Class. :-)

When they came home from church, Eli had Jason sit down so he could hold his first class. It was on the topic of worshipping the 'real' God versus false gods. Somewhere in the conversation, he made this statement that Jason shared with me later.

"Now, a false god might say 'One sin? Not that big a deal.' But then, if you sinned a lot - they would say "That's it! You're OUT!"

OUR God? Our God says one sin is important - but He forgives all of them! "

There is so much truth wrapped up in that one little statement....