Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fashion feelings...

Friday was a "Free Dress Day" for the kids. Since it's normally uniform dress, this is a big deal. So I stood trying to pick out a cute outfit for Julia.

A cute green striped shirt with winter mittens on the front. Perfect!

Apparently, not so much.

Julia, diplomatic but obviously disappointed says, "But mom, green doesn't really inspire me...."

Monday, December 01, 2008

Mexico Missionary Retreat 2008

Bags are unpacked... laundry is started... and Eli's crying for the 4th time today because he already misses Mexico. :-) What an amazing trip!
We headed down to Guadalajara to spend a few days with Jason's brother Aaron, before traveling to the unique city of Guanajuato, Mexico for the annual missionary retreat. Jennie traveled to GDL a couple of days early so we could spend some extra time with her too, and it was just an incredible time and an amazing trip. There's so much to share and I don't even have pictures uploaded yet to share! So I'll have to do it little by little.

Friends, new and old. Wow. It's moments like these that we are so humbled by the quality of people we are blessed to be have a relationship with. Jason went to speak and encourage, and because of God's faithfulness I think he did, but we were the ones who surely felt most blessed and most encouraged.

Cindy - I did visit the Mummy museum - and left the fam behind. :-) Aaron, Jennie, Toby and Brettin went with me, but can you believe it- the only souvenir I got was the receipt for the handful of toilet paper I bought when I had to use the bathroom. It was pretty amazing though. I'll be sure not to tell you about it. ;-)

The kids did well. We were taking Acidophilus tablets in hopes of not getting sick while we were there - and one night Eli asked me why:

"Because they will help us stay healthy since the Mexican food could make us sick," I said.
"What does the box say?" asked Eli
"Sinuberase." I said. "Bacilos Lacticos, restaurado de la flora intestinal."
"What's that mean in English?" he asked.
"It means it helps the restore the good bacteria in our stomachs." I said.

"MOM...." Eli asked, "Why, if the Mexican FOOD can make us sick, are we taking the Mexican MEDICINE?!?"

I did have to think about that for a minute....