Friday, January 06, 2006

Oh, sweet widgets....

My son is staring wide-eyed and still at a blank wall right now, sitting on his bed, completely engrossed in a CD Drama of the Chronicles of Narnia. For one who loves anything with a screen, this is a most precious picture to me.

He listened for an hour and half straight last night.

We bought the 19 CD set of all 7 books online for $29. It may have been the best purchase this year. ;-)

In other news, silly news, I LOVE widgets.

Yes, this is a sick side of me, but I am obsessed with weather. Through widgets, I now have a radar screen of Tulsa, along with a weather screen / 5 day forcast on my desktop screen. Oh, and I have a digital clock, a calendar and a picture frame.

You can get anything from games to live video cams scientific laboratories. I could become obessessed if I didn't have a life. So I'll stop with the weather radar.

Not like I need it much right now anyway.


Brenda said...

Oh sweet Heather, I'm just starting to think we have so much in common! I ordered that set on CD too but it has not come in yet. We can't wait.
I had not idea you were that interested in the weather. My brother is a storm chaser. Maybe you and I can go out together sometime watching with him. It's really cool. You can find him on this weather page and I'll send you some others as well later. He's great to have around during Tornado season! He knows just when to take shelter! ;o)

heather said...

SHUT UP!! ( in the nice awestruck sense!)
Some people have their top ten lists of things they want to do before they die. I don't have big goals - just two..... and that is one of them. I WOULD LOVE IT!!!!!!


(I hope my mom doesn't read this one! )