Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Stacey, Jason and I took our kids and went out to the site for Extreme Home Makeover today - it was pretty exciting. Apparently this is the biggest house they have done so far! We ran into Jason M. who was volunteering as well!

After talking to him, Stacey and I both wanted to see if we could volunteer, and signed up! If we could have stayed right then, they were ready to get us shirts and everything, but we couldn't with the kids there. Jason agreed to watch our kids to let us do the graveyard shift on Friday night. WOO HOO! What a man!
There is no guarantee we will get called, but I hope so. That's not normally my thing, but it really is an exciting thing they are doing, and it has made my mind run non- stop with spiritual analogies and thoughts and I would love more of that. It made me think more about things like Habitat for Humanity, etc, etc,.
There is something so impacting when you see tons of everyday people working together for a common purpose.
I think there is an element of this that Jesus wanted us to look like in the church, but that at times I fear we have lost. Bobby made the analogy lately about when one just feeds themselves, they get fat and lazy. Spiritually speaking, I know in my head that there is some maturing that can only come from serving others, but my heart is slow to serve in this particular manner. I have a passion for study, but I am challenged lately with how that is put to use beyond feeding myself spiritually. Today's experience aroused that more in me. So I am eager for more.

It was fun to take our kids out there. I don't know if they will remember it, but we prayed together for the family. I pray God will take something our kids are familiar with because of the world, and use it to make a spiritual impression on their (and my!) hearts!


Brenda said...

What an awesome experience for you guys! That is totally wonderful.
I can relate to what you are saying about spiritual maturity and growing in different areas.
Right now, I am there too and wondering how God will use me more in the future to be a powerful light to others. And like this makeover thing, it will probably be in a way that I never even imagined.
I think you are right....there is a HUGE element of that which Jesus wanted it to look like in the church. Somedays I really long for that.

Thanks for sharing your experience and how God had His hand in it. That's truly awesome!

Vanessa said...

I signed up too!! But I don't think they'll need me. I'm so excited about this one because they're building the house right on Mike's street and he knows some of the kids because he went to highschool with them. Personal connections really change things. I too have spent time in prayer for this family. Just reminded me that I should really be doing that for everyone I hear of with no connection at all.

Angie Burns said...

Girl, I'm so glad you guys went! I'm jealous... in a good way! I hope you get a call.

Rock on!

Anonymous said...

VERY COOL Heather!! That would be so awesome if you and Stacey get called!