Sunday, January 22, 2006

I don't know what this title is, and it's past my bed time.

Theresa - your not the only one who thinks too much:

Eli wanted to watch Disney's "A Highschool Musical". He's been waiting weeks to see it, and I wasn't sure what to expect so I watched it with him - and really enjoyed it. However, I did find myself wondering what he was thinking - since he's not really exposed to "cliques" and such that go on in highschool, and that was part of the storyline. We talked some and then I told myself to stop worrying and just let him enjoy the movie...

At the most climatic part of the movie , the lead characters are singing together :
"We're flying... we're soaring ... there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach..."

I'm sitting fully emotionally engaged in the moment..with a big goofy smile on my face, imagining I'm the girl in the movie.... and Eli says:

"That's not really true, right mom. There are stars in heaven that we can't reach. They're just saying this because they don't have a God in this movie. Because it's all just make-believe. It could be real.. but it's not really right now. Right?"

Right. Even as it kind of blew the moment for me, I was pretty impressed. I don't give the kid as much credit as I should. He was thinking way deeper than I was. It was a brilliant moment. I hope he can be so discerning throughout life.

And when it was all over, we got up and danced around the living room, singing together. Love these moments. And I love that God is always there.


End of the Spear was AWESOME!
And for those of you who watched it... the director told us a story at the screening that has stuck with me. I don't know if I have the details exactly right, but what I remember is this:

You'll remember in end of the movie the scene where Mincaye shares with Steve Saint that he saw the men "jump the great boa" while still alive? (referencing their spirits?)
The story these men actually shared with those involved was that they (those who killed the missionaries) had been out in areas surrounding the village while Rachel and Elisabeth were living among them. One day the women pulled out a record player, and began to play a record of a choral group, ( I believe it was the Morman Tabernacle Choir) or something along those lines.
The men, at hearing the sound, came running from all different directions to find them. After questioning the women about who it was and how they sang, and so on, they revealed that they had heard singing like this on the day that they killed the five men.



And one last note: on friendship.
How good it is - to find those who love you, and accept you at your worst. Who stick by you when you are no fun to be around. Who hang in there.Who make you laugh - even at yourself in this state. They don't judge you, they aren't scared off by you. They know who you are even when your not.

I read something about a friend being one who know how to sing your song back to you when you have forgotten how the tune goes. In eternal terms, that speaks to me. Thanks.


Don't forget your baseball attire at church tomorrow!


Brenda said...

Hey....We've watched HS Musical two nights in a row and recorded it. I loved how tonight was a sing-a-long version.
I just love how Eli caught that. I heard it, but I didn't catch it like that! Way to go Eli! What a great thinker he is!

Chad and I saw the late showing on Friday night of Movie and I was in awe. We actually had some time life books that have the stories in them that we had read on a previous occasion so it was neat to see it on the big screen now. What a remarkable story. Truly fascinating!

We were at Star World on Friday night and talking to the Manager while waiting he told us that every show had been sold out and almost all the other theater in Tulsa showing it had a similar response. I was so psyched!

Carrie said...

That is so funny you talked about that movie (High School Musical)....on the way home from church Eli and Noah starting singing that song.....I loved it! I also love you for being such a encouraging friend to me....thank you for all you do!