Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Autographs between 3 and 6 pm only please,...

This is one of those treasured moments with Eli:

Eli - "Mom, I have to tell you about a boy in my class, Matthew. Everyone was making fun of him and I did too. But I didn't do it to be mean - I just did it to be funny. They were singing "Jingle bells, Matthew smells.", and I thought that was funny. "

Me - "Do you think Matthew thought it was funny?"

Eli - "No."

Me - "If I did that to you, would you feel good, or feel like I was your friend?"

Eli - "No. I guess I should tell him I'm sorry tomorrow. But I can't just tell him I'm sorry -I need to prove I'm sorry by not doing it again."

More conversation passed, and then Eli said:
"Mom - you know I didn't want to tell you about this because I thought to myself 'She will be mad'. But then I thought in my head (he changes his voice to that of a sulking child) "I really want to do what God wants."

I shared I was so proud of him, shared the story with his dad, and then Jason said "You should blog that." (As we use the blog for a family journal too.)

Eli saw me blogging this and said "Are you sending out my story?"

I said "Yep."

He asked - "To who? Who will get it?"

I said, "Well, I guess anyone who has the internet could read it."

He smiled really big, and said "Do you think a lot of people will come to our house now and ask for my autograph?"

He then assured me he was just kidding. Sometimes I'm amazed he is only 6.


Brenda said...

Okay, I think if I wasn't already in my PJ's I'd be in the car and on my way over. That is priceless! I'm so proud of him for making those choices! Way to go Eli! What a big guy he is growing up to be!

Rick said...

No wonder Jesus liked little children so much. It's because they look so much like him.

Anonymous said...

Heather, Eli amazes me so much!! I can't believe how much he is like you and Jason. You should be so proud of him. And I will definitely ask for his autograph!

Danna said...

I LOVE IT! I cannot tell you how much I have been learning from Eli lately! AWESOME!

Carrie said...

I wish I could be more like you which means...more like Jesus! You and Jason are such amazing parents...and I know that we all have our issues, but when it comes to raising your kids in and Jason are on hit..."look that up in the black dictonary" anyway, I love your children and I love Eli's heart...that makes me want to get Kids Praise going just so he can sing again......I love you guys!

Angie Burns said...

Girl, your kid is gold! I love it when you share family stuff. I wish EVERYONE I love all over the world had blogs & I wouldn't miss out on things like this! Keep on keepin' on! And my heart swells when I think about how the family you never knew is getting a chance to know you and love you (Trust me... God is blessing them in the same ways you are experiencing... maybe more!) BTW, I'm doing WW too! So hard for me... glad to know you're out there pluggin' away too!

Jennie said...

i love your amazing children... i miss you all so much... tell everyone hello. mucho gracies(please dont edit the spanish spelling... it is worse than my english)

YankeeAmanda said...

I was blogrolling and came across yours. Tell Eli we ALL want his autograph! Have him scratch it out, then scan it and post the photo! We'd love to see it.

I'm new to the whole parent thing. My sweet angel daughter is only 4 months old. Can't wait to have funny stories to post about her!