Monday, January 23, 2006

Starting Bad Habits... but GREAT memories

Extreme Home Makeover is in Dewey, Oklahoma for a week starting today! I don't know how far Dewey is, (within an hour?) - But Eli LOVES this show. (The kid would watch This Old House on PBS all the time if we let him.)

So.... I think we are going to surprise him and take him out of school on Wednesday for a family day trip just to check it out. And maybe Incredible Pizza Co. afterwards. I'm thinking that these life lessons are worthwhile investments too.

He has had and AWESOME two weeks in school - some of the best ever.... and has been working hard for that.

Do you ever remember something that your parents did that was out of the ordinary and special to you because of it?


Angie Burns said...

I wanna go! I love EMHE! I bought my parents the first season DVD for Christmas. It's interesting to watch those first episodes & see the changes that have taken place in Ty and the rest of the team. You just cannot do something that special for someone without it changing YOU! I'm not sure they counted on that. Such a God thing! That will make a special memory for Eli... you must do it! My parents weren't able to do things like that... they both worked in furniture factories - long hours & never could get off work. But we're making up for that now. I'm so thankful to God that I have this second chance to make memories with my parents. I couldn't love them more....

I love you too Heather!

Brenda said...

Heather, that is a great idea! I really hope you go through with this. Eli will remember this forever. And besides, Dewey isn't that far. Just on the other side of Bartlesville.
Remember my blog about taking Ian out of school to see his friend Rebecca in school? He still talks about that. It will really be an exciting experience for him!

I can't remember a specific time my parents did that for me but I know they did. My mom was always doing neat things like that and I loved it. She wasn't a big advocate of us missing school, but sometimes, those special things just came up that were unavoidable! That's a cool parent!

brandonandkatie said...

Hey Heather, I just wanted to let you know that I have returned to the Blogging World after a month-long absence. This term has been killer, but incredible. In addition to being able to post my own entries, I'm happy to say that I'll be checking all my favorites more regularly - yours being one of them.

Anyway, say hi to Jason if you can and I hope things are going great for you all.