Thursday, March 05, 2009

I'm a groupie...

I’m not a groupie. Well, there was that New Kids on the Block phase when I was in 8th grade. But otherwise, I’m not a groupie.

I’ve been around a lot of name droppers, and I’m just not impressed, really. I don’t think it’s as much of a noble quality in me as it is a social unawareness. The same characteristic in me shows up often and can create really awkward moments.

When we were preparing to move here, I knew Terry Rush’s name. I knew some were really impressed that we’d get to work with him. But I didn’t grow up with his name being familiar or grow up going to the workshop that so many know him from, and I’d never read a single book he’d written. I’d heard a sermon once that did impact me, and I’d gotten a card from him with a neat message that I’d held on to. And when we were first married, I’d remembered that he’d arranged for us to be able to come to the workshop when we couldn’t have otherwise afforded it. When I met him at that workshop, he called me friend, so I assumed he didn’t really know my name….:-)(I was wrong…see that social awkwardness showed up again…) But still, I thought he was nice.

This morning, 6 years after moving here, I had a funny experience. I have a new desk – and I love it. Neat, organized – no clutter except what I’m working on. I want to keep it that way. I’m a little OCD like that.

Except there is this card sitting there, that I opened in the mail yesterday. From Terry. His laughing face after a strike out at the Cardinals camp in Florida this summer. And I want to put it up on the desk. Maybe even frame it, I don’t know. Then I have that fleeting secondary thought…. that I will look like a “groupie” with his card taped to my neat desk.

But it really was fleeting…because immediately I am flooded with the recognition of something significant.
I have worked with this man for 5 years… and despite the many opportunities to see ‘true colors’, my affection and respect for him has not lessened in that time & those experiences, but grown intensely. (And I’m hard on people at times!) His weaknesses are endearing because they only magnify more the strength of our Father’s spirit in him. He doesn’t hide himself, and he doesn’t hide God in Him. His strengths are impacting because they carry the force of heaven behind them.

The smile on this card makes it my favorite one yet… because I live and work and watch the man and know it’s real…I’m changed and different because of his character, integrity and love for our God.

I’m so a groupie about that.