Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sorry - it runs in the family, kid.

Life has been CRAZY busy.. and will continue to be I'm afraid through March. I feel guilty even posting this with the piles of "to do" sitting in front of me, but I just had to put this up there.

Madeline (5 years old) rode in the car with us the other night. Here's how the conversation went between she and Eli:

Eli: "Madeline, are you my friend right now? Because I just want to know. I mean if your not my friend, it's okay, but it just kind of feels like maybe your not my friend right now. And I just want to know. Are you my friend right now?"

Madeline: Long Pause. "Well Eli, it's just that you've been talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and I just got kind of tired of it. "

Eli: "Oh. Okay."

Jason: ( With his head bowed in guilt, and wispering:) "Dear God, I am so, so sorry....."

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Rick said...

Thanks. I needed that reminder. So much of the time I spend with God is consumed with one sided conversation. I know He listens patiently but at times I know He must long for me to just shut up and listen. I am so conditioned to having constant noise from every direction it is difficult to just be still.