Thursday, December 01, 2005

Eli's getting to know God....

Okay. I just have a few minutes, but I wanted to record two neat experiences with Eli. I use this blog as a family journal, so this is as much for him in the future as it is to share what blesses me with you!

Yesterday, Eli had a great day at school. He shared last night, that he prayed to God while on the playground at recess. Now, we pray every night, but to my knowledge, this is the first time he's ever shared with me that he prayed on his own. I'll share a bit of the conversation:

Today I prayed to God at recess. Some of the kids were playing soccer and being kind of violent.

(We use that word to describe video games we won't let him play.)

They were't being violent to me, but just in the game. So I went and sat on a bench. I looked up at the clouds, and that made me think of God. So I prayed to Him about the game, and then I prayed to him about my voice.

(He struggles with being too loud at school, and has a paper with musical notes he gets to fill in for a rewards when he is being quiet. )

I only had a few more notes to get on my paper before I could play backyard soccer on the computer. So I asked God to help me, and He did!!! I had a super day, and I got all my notes and got to play!

Later he shared that he had told his teacher that he had prayed at recess, but she didn't seem interested. He said that didn't bother him but just mentioned it.

This morning when we woke up, we had an email from his teacher, and at the end a small note that she shared with us about him praying over recess.

God is so good... in so many ways. Even to get to share that with Eli before he went back today.

In another conversation, on the way to school today, he said"

Mom! An idea just popped into my head. You know the guy that lived in the car? (that caught on fire.) What if when he comes back, we let him live with us?!!

I said I thought that was a great idea. He was so excited.

I knew Jason had already offered this to Fred, and I don't know if he'll take us up on it. But there is a small part of me that really hopes he does, even if for a little while, for God to bless Eli's heart of faith in a big way.

3 times in the last week alone I have had different sources state that children are one of the best mission focuses of the church, stating that people who are most likely to remain devoted Christians are children raised in Godly homes, and most of whom have had their spiritual moorings in place by age 9. I'm beginning to listen more and more closely to this, and see it's incredible merit.

I see every reason why I am to become like Eli in my faith. I have known many who think, or fear, we shouldn't pray about such things. I hope he never grows up - only more confident in the One Who hears every prayer, and is honored by every ounce of faith.

Thank you for all your comments on the last post. You blessed us immensely. We are so rich in friendship because of you . I love you !


Michelle said...

Aww!! i am pretty close to tears because of how sweet that was.the end.

Angie Burns said...

Kids! I don't have any... but they certainly are "too small to ignore!!!" :-)

Danna said...

I guess this is why Jesus told us to be like little children! Thanks for sharing! That is SO awesome!

Michelle said...

hahahaha i thought you might appreciate my success in the kitchen. lol. :)