Thursday, December 22, 2005

"Two Duttle Loves"

Lessons from five & six year olds who sang "The Twelve Days of Christmas" for the church christmas program:

1. "Eleven pipers piping" is just unreproducibily cute in an african accent.

2. "Five golden rings" can in fact be sung so wholeheartedly as to drain your face of color every time you sing it.

3. From one dad - encouragement that the next time we need parents to help with costumes, talk to the moms. He confused "french hen" with "french bar maid" theme. Mom confirmed her having to step in and rescue the situation. :-)

4. Explain to the children exactly what they are singing about, or they will sing what they know. The program went perfect, but for those who missed practice, "two turtle doves" was also at times " two little doves, two duttle loves and "two dirty turds."
All sung genuinely and with beautiful sincerity.



Carrie said...

Heather that gave me a good laugh after crying reading Marcy's...and I hope the whole onion things didn't bother you....did it?:)

heather said...

onions schmonions. you know me better than that.

however. I'm reading this post now and it's 12:05 - and i have a million ( well, okay, actually four) different thoughts going through my head. so count this as my first post - that I have read this,,,, and will come back...after some sleep, and to give you a piece of my mind... just kidding. I actually have some thoughts on this that God has been working on with me... maybe too lengthy for a blog.
Maybe another onion free dinner.