Thursday, December 08, 2005

"Mom - are my questions to hard, cuz I can give you easier ones if you want...."

Sometimes Eli will have a night where his brain just spills nonstop out of his mouth. I love these nights. He will ask the most profound questions, and before I can answer he is on to the next. So I just sit and listen.

"Does God want presents? I mean like, he doesn't want a new book or something, right? I mean He wants us. He wants us to give Him us, right?
I mean, like He wouldn't want a superpower, because, like, what would we give Him, our whole brain? He already has them all. How many years was Jesus? Not like, how many years ago, but how many years did He live?

Me - "33".

"Then what happened?"

Me - "He died on the cross."

"Why did they do that? He was always good? I mean, when they called Him a liar, was it like kids do on the playground when they say "Liar liar"? Was God sad when Jesus died? "

Me - "Yes, He..."

"Why? I mean, why was He sad when He was just going to be with Him in a minute again? You know, it was like Jesus was in highschool."

*( Note - this is confusing, but I think Eli was equating this to when Jennie came and lived with our family and then went off to college.)

"I mean, here, we are with our family and then we get to highschool (college) and Jesus did it backwards - He came and met all new people like at college, and then He went to be with His family after that."

"Mom - do you not like answering my questions? Cause you get real quiet. I can make my questions easier for you - I'm sorry if they are hard, I can make them easier."

Me - "No Eli - I absolutely love your questions, I want you to ask what ever is in your heart. Sometimes I start to give you an answer, but then you ask another question, so I just wait. Like when you asked if God was sad when Jesus died..."

"Oh yeah- what was your answer ?

ME - "Well, yes He was sad. He was sad because ..."

"Oh - oh wait, I know. Because He was good, yeah that was what I was going to say. Sometimes I try to be good but the other kids don't like me. They must like the devil because I am on God's team...

Me - "Well, Eli, sometimes kids your age have a hard time knowing how to say and do the right thing every day, and..."

"Yeah, and sometimes I say I'm sorry, and someone else says that's okay, and then we are friends again, and...."

Me - "Eli I think you need to let your brain rest and go to sleep for now, ok?"

"Yes Mam mom. I love you . Good night"

Visa's got nothing on that. That is eternally priceless.


Vanessa said...

Wow. Simply amazing. What an incredible child of God.

Jennie said...

I think you are going to make me go crazy. i love you so much.. i miss your family in an abundance. my heart has been melted. I can not wait to come home. I miss you so much and I love you.

Brenda said...

I think this is why God gave us they can ask us questions like this and make us think about things that we often tend to not think about on an every day basis! And Eli just makes it so cute! I can just hear him asking the questions! I know God has great things in store for Eli! Even at such a young age! I'm so proud of him for working so hard! Way to go Eli!