Friday, November 03, 2006

Good Grief.

I do NOT wear big earrings.

I'm not even going to try and be serious till we get this out of our systems.
My son made up his own joke today:
What kind of tape does butter use?

That's pretty funny. :-)


Brenda said...

Not sure I understand the earring thing...but the butterscotch joke IS pretty funny!

Cindy said...

Eli is so funny...takes after his mommy. ;-)

Looks like I need to buy you some LARGE earrings for Christmas. I was thinking of finding some that have a small Rolodex attached. :-)

You it is easier to find all your passwords. :-)

Terry Rush said...

Rolodex earrings could go with her Rolodex watch!

Shane Coffman said...

So you're telling me it isn't true that you've been stealing parts of my computer to make bigger earrings and that's why my computer crashed on Wednesday?

Theresa said...

Dear Heather,

It saddens me that you don't share the joy fabulous costume jewelry brings. I imagine fancy shoes would also hold no sway. Perhaps we could be friends anyway. I'll make the first gesture and refrain from getting you large earrings for Christmas.

The Earring Addict

P.S. Butterscotch is yummy!

heather said...

Good grief, ya'll.

Theresa said...

by the way...

I'm proud of your links. :o)

Shaner said...

I have tried for a while now to think of a way that I could encourage you, Heather. I also know what it's like to be made fun of because of your piercings. It's been a while since I took out all of mine and I cannot get them to go back in. If I could, I would show up on Sunday with the largest pair of earrings I could find and wear them as a quiet statement of solidarity. Wear them proudly!

And the next time Terry gives you grief about them, just smile -- at least you still have your hair.

tim rush said...

Heather, you get way too much grief. So much more than you deserve. Can't wait till xmas when I can join in the fun.

John said...

That is pretty good for a seven-year-old. One suggestion would be to not repeat the word "butter". Like "What kind of tape does margarine use?" would be more fitting. Nice picture. I don't really know what your talking about with the earrings, though. New blog up. Hope you like.