Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fiction finally won me over!

A long wait at Ceasar's Pizza last night afforded an opportunity for me to get deep into my second book by Randy Singer. (The Cross Examination of Oliver Finney.)

I don't usually spend a lot of time reading fiction... but Singer has me hooked. (Thanks Stu!)

I've been through some heady apologetics courses... all of value, and I love that kind of study. But, honestly, it can sometimes be hard to translate that info to where the average person lives and talks every day...yet these two books do exactly that - and amazingly!

The Cross Examination of Jesus Christ puts the history of this man we claim as Savior on trial in a courtroom to see if "beyond a doubt" can really hold water.... and the Cross Examination of Oliver Finney puts the Christian faith on trial, in the form of an everyday man, not only up against other religions of our current culture, but against some of the doubts we ourselves grapple with in our journey . And he does all of this in the form of a mystery that has kept me as interested as the chunks of realistic 'aha' moments I walked away with in wondering how we gracefully deal with our convictions and doubts.

And if those layers aren't enough.... you can join in the mystery yourself... look for the code in "The Cross Examination of Christ"... get your pen and pencil and start deciphering the mystery. (I didn't find it until I read the second book.) At one point, when the books were released, there was a part yet to be solved...with reward involved ....I haven't heard if it has been yet or not...(Stuart - any news on that?)

Either way, this has been funnest and most valuable fiction I've read in a while - if you've read it, let me know what you thought. (But don't tell me the end...I'm not all the way through! ) If you haven't read it, and were wondering what to dive into next....

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Anonymous said...


Unfortunately, the contest to win an ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP FOR TWO TO A LUXURY RESORT IN ST. THOMAS ended in August.

But...all is not lost! Why don't you have your own contest on your own blog?! I's all about you, Heather! ;o)

I have 3 sets of the books for the lucky winners - you decide the rules and let me know.

I'm thrilled that you are finally getting into Christian fiction! It's an honor to have played a wee part in your conversion!

Expect a big box of fiction to come your way soon.

Love you,