Saturday, November 11, 2006

Reason # 11 - Why it's bad for elementary teachers to have TOO MUCH time on their day off

Cindy - (still my friend, I think.....:-) didn't want Jason to feel left out.

I did have someone tell me that I reminded them of Angelina Jolie once. At the time I wondered what they were on, but in this picture of us, I can see how they would be mistaken.


Terry Rush said...

Friend, your blog has turned toward becoming very, very strange. I think all of us Rush men need to apologize for what this has led to in your life. We only meant to tease a bit. We like earrings...right guys?

I fear you have slipped out of our range!

We are sorry...sorta....don't you think, Dusty and Tim?

Cindy said...

I gave my sister Terry the link to your blog.
She said to tell you that you are better than Angelina will ever be. ;-) We all knew that already...just thought you would enjoy her comment. :-)

I love the way Eli's hands show up in all the pictures. :-) It is kind of like where's Waldo...instead..find Eli's hands. :-)

Dusty said...

Jason looks really happy in this pic!