Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Well, not over spilled milk, at least.....

Well - this one's especially for you Marcy. :-)

This morning, shortly after I left for work, Jason had this sweet little conversation with Julia. It will be especially appreciated by my friends who have prayed and shared my burden to grow in areas of sensitivity and sharing my emotions more freely. :-)

Jason: (Pointing to a picture of me on the refrigerator:)
"Julia, I have the most beautiful, sweet wife in the whole world."

Julia: "I know. But she's not here now. "

Jason: "No, but you remind me a lot of her."

Julia: "That's because we look alike." .....

Jason: "Yep, you sure do."

Julia: "But we don't cry the same."

Jason: "What do you mean?"

Julia: "Well, I cry a lot, and Momma doesn't cry at all."


Well, I do, occasionally, though not as often as I'd like. Thanks to God, faithful prayers, (and Marcy!) I'm getting there though! :-)


Cindy said...

You are working on crying more?:-)
Send a picture and I will add tears. :-)

Brenda said...

Hummm...I had no idea you needed to cry more. Very interesting. I will say, a good cry every once in a while does feel pretty good though. I'm glad to hear you are working on this...I think! ;O)

John said...

Docter my eyes....

yeah, I had a dream that I cried. Then I went and beat up my little brothers. Yeah, I saw how Julia cries. She really just lets her emotions out.

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