Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Okay, OKay, I'll go back to answering phones.

Working today... (can't you tell?)

Terry came in a few minutes ago and said that Phillip Yancy sent him a new book called something like 'Does God Answer Prayer?'.

I asked him if he called him back and told him no.

I have to publicize it when I'm funny. As Terry said, it was the ONE time.

Jason and I went to McDonalds for lunch -and in front of us was a car that said CSI - Christ saves individuals.
I went on and on ( just joking of course) about cutsie-secular logos that we have to make into something spiritual and in the end don't come out looking all that 'cool'. When I got done I asked Jason if he didn't agree, and he said :

"Well, I usually just try and shut you out when you go off the deep end like that."

It's a rough crowd around here. :-)


Dusty said...

Heather, thanks for stopping by my blog. What I want to know is how did Jason get away with saying that. Man, he's brave.

Cindy said...

I hope your sofa is comfortable tonight. ;-)

Terry Rush said...

She was real funny in what she said about Yancey's new book title. Plus, she was real funny in that she was wearing earrings so big I accused her of being able to receive DISH network through them!

She is funny....and I know funny!

Angie said...

Where is all the love girlfriend? You are quite clever and funny! Perhaps you are an acquired taste... Like filet mignon and you're surrounded by beef jerky fans.

And I'd be with you on your bumper sticker rant! That's just one step up from lowbrow Christian kitsch!

tim rush said...

I once had to be part of a youth rally called The Right Stuff or something stolen by the New Kids on the Block. It was just embarrassing!

heather said...

Dusty - he said a few more things after that which I didn't record. And now has a black eye. hehe.

Cindy - He got to sleep in the bed. I just changed his access to the home computers. I can't quite remember where I learned that from...hmmmmmm.....:-)

Terry - My earrings are that big because they store my passwords. You should try it.

Angie - THANK YOU! I like your analogy and will be using it frequently. Glad you are back and overhauling us all. Missed you.

Tim - Isn't it funny how connecting with the culture sometimes so grossly missed the mark? Except... I really liked NKOTB. I probably would have felt cool for that one. Sad sad sad. :-)

John said...

Ha! I love it. You and Jason are awesome. Hey, we need to set a date for Moose Day. Seriously, if we're going to make it a holiday, it better be official. Happy Day of the Dead.

Terry Rush said...

Oh, Heather, that really hurt. You store your passwords in your earrings? Well.....maybe I should borrow them for a week.

Has anyone a clue to my passwords? I have two but didn't write them down so they wouldn't be stolen.