Monday, January 01, 2007

Doing it Wrong, Doing it right... Just doing it.

Tonight, Jason was searching all over the house for Eli as we were trying to get the kids ready for bed.

He finally found him in our master bathroom, sitting on the toilet reading my book "What Good Parents Have in Common."

As if that sight weren't funny enough, when he walked in, Eli looked up and said "Dad, I'm reading some of the stuff you're doing wrong."

Jason quickly backed out the door to laugh before hustling him on to bed.


I had given up, but Dusty inspired me to think about New Year's resolutions. I have decided to make resolutions week by week. That is my resolution... to set a weekly goal and accomplish it. Ultimately, I want to develop more self discipline, so it can be applied in numerous ways.

This weeks: to begin exercising again. And I started this morning. My goal is to get in three times this week.


Some friends this week, are experiencing joy and sorrow at the birth of their baby boy who's future is uncertain at the moment. I stand continually amazed at how God continues to minister to Jason and I as well, through a family here at Memorial that loves them and supports them intensely during this time. His people in this place love amazingly. It grows me up daily.


I shared a while back about two books that I loved reading...The Cross Examination of Jesus Christ and The Cross Examination of Oliver Finney. Thanks to my wonderful and generous friend Stu, at Waterbrook Press... I have some copies to send to the first few people who would like to share a resolution they have made about their walk with God this year.
(Since I can't just expect some people to begin commenting after I took two weeks off, I'm hoping bribery will work....) :-)

I am reading a Beth Moore book, "Believing God". It's a look not just at believing in God, but actually believing God.
In studying some of the promises we as children are to take to heart, I found this quote:
"God promised us a place we could live. God didn't promise the children of Israel a place they could visit. He promised them a place they could settle and dwell in blessing. A land they could possess. A place they could find Sabbath rest. According to John 15, New Testament believers have likewise been called to a place of abiding. Living. Dwelling. I finally came to a point in my Christian walk where I grew bone weary of inconsistency being my only constant. Occasional wisps of authentic spiritual living only multiplied my frustrations. I then knew a place of fullness and effectiveness in Christ existed, but at best I was a drop-in. My soul needed a place it could live. I longed for my defeats to be infrequent visitations, not my victories. .....It's high time we stopped dropping in, and started taking up residency."

That best describes my own hope and desire for growth in Him this year. I'm thankful for those who share what they've learned on their journey that leads me a little further along myself.


Jeanne said...

I like the way you make resolutions! I think I'll try your approach. Here goes:

Exercise - Me too! I've gained a lot of weight since my surgery a year ago and I've got to get busy finding the skinny me again! I bought one of those exercise balls with high hopes that I can figure out how to do it. Van suggested I ask you about it. Any guidance on how to keep from breaking my neck on this thing?!? Coordination and grace are not two of my best qualities!

Study - I'm there with you too! Now that we are in our house, I have considered hosting a Bible study group (Beth Moore or otherwise) to meet in my home like the one we did at Panera last year. Interested?

Eli - I really enjoyed Eli and Julia the other night. Watching Eli do the dance revolution was so fun! Julia cracked me up when she looked at my mother-in-law and me and said, "I don't think Eli is doing a good job of sharing and giving other people a turn, I think one of you girls should talk to him!" I assured her that he had offered a turn to others several times but that they were all enjoying watching him do it! I just love your kids!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess I can be easily bribed - so here's my resolutions, but I don't call them resolutions. I do like the idea of setting weekly goals though - but would someone remind about March that I have a set of goals!

Family: to read through the bible using the kids daily devotional bible.

Couple: read through the bible using a chronological bible.

Individual: I began a quest late last year to become the best that I can be so that God can use me more than I can imagine. So I will continue that journey to see where He takes me.

And of course, as always, to exercise more. Maybe we could combine an exercise group with a bible study.

Can we say...... 1 2 pray, 3, 4, pray.

And lastly, to figure out this blog thing so I don't have to remain anonymous. Love ya, Lisa Combs (can't remain anonymous for too long, I want my book!)

Briley said...

I am going to say ditto to all the posts above and save my self some time! Prayer, exercise and study all things I want my self to be more deeply emmersed in. I love Jeanne's idea of combining the two groups, I could offer only what NOT to do on a exercise ball!
Your quote from BM inspires me to pull out her book and dive in. I guess my biggest resolution is to STAY motivated and fullfill my resolutions.
Breaking a blah cycle is sooooo hard!
Good luck ladies and thanks for the inspiration this morning. I am praying for you today.

Cindy said...

I am laughing. :-) Eli is so funny. Don't let him near the "How to teach" books. :-)

No bribes needed.:-) My new years resolutions are usually the same...lose weight...get in more organized. I went as far as buying new workout tapes last year. I hope to open them this year. :-)

Brenda said...

Well, I'm with everyone else...I don't make resolutions. To make a resolution sounds like I'm trying to resolve a problem I'm having. Well...since I have a greater difficulty in doing that, I choose also to set short goals that I can make into future habits. Good ones!
Last night after flipping through the channels, the kids and I started singing...
"Oh be careful little ears what you hear! and so on...and so on!
* I want to watch what my ears hear and my mouth say. I've been known on occassion to say things that I regret later and I don't want to be remembered as a person like that. My biggest fear is that God heard me say the things I said and not only does that disappoint does him as well.
*I want to start studying HIM more. I find time to go and get a degree, be a mom, work for money, but I don't find a lot of time for me to study about HIM and eternally being with HIM in the end. I want to do this in a very elementary way so that I can learn it with my children.
I already started this last week and so far, it's going well. Each night at dinner, the person who picked dinner for the night, gets to read the bible story and ask the rest of us questions. So far, everyone has like it.

John said...

That's awesome, Heather! I've resolved to pray more, because you can know alot about God, but that's not what will matter in the end. Having a relationship with him is the important thing. That's what my goal is.