Thursday, December 28, 2006

If there's a bad smell in your neighborhood, it's coming from our house....

I just burnt a bag a popcorn, and now our house stinks and our microwave is permanently discolored.
Sadly, this isn't the first time I've done it. I've stunk up two different offices before by my popcorn burning abilites, even attracting the attention of the hospital President who worked at the hospital adjacent to the medical office building I worked at in Lubbock. (I'd never met him before until rumor of the incident somehow made it's way to his lofty office and he decided to stop by and bring me some already popped popcorn on behalf of the hospital.) He introduced himself by saying "I was driving along 4th street and could smell something awful...."
I was mortified. Smoke had filled the office full of already nauseous pregnant women, prompting employees from the floor above to come down and see if a fire had broken out. Our office microwave leaked black syrup for the next few months when you used it.

It's a sad little skill I have.

We've had the doors and windows open for an hour now, and I couldn't even put the bag of black goo in the trash can in the garage. I had to lay it in the driveway and shut the garage door. Hope no racoons die trying to get to it.

Movies and, well, chocolate, anyone?

In other news, I thought I would catch up on some cool pictures!

Here's our knockout "Christmas Queen". This picture scared us.

Our favorite teacher EVER comes to Eli's first Christmas program at church. He was a narrator, and we were proud!

Julia and our first snowman of the year. She was quite close to him. As the days got warmer, his head was the first to go, slowly lowering the hat day by day to his torso, and then to the ground. She was sad. But he was fun while he lasted!

I guess that's all for tonight.

It still stinks here, so I'm headed to the back of the house. Good night!


Theresa said...

this is why I'm afraid of microwave popcorn. That smell literally makes me sick to my stomach! I watch it like a hawk. I'm a little OCD about counting between the pops...

1... 2... oh crap! gotta stop it now! :)

I've missed your blogging! Welcome home! :D

Dusty said...

I would leave a comment - but I'm thinking about taking a couple of weeks off! You can't just come strolling back into our lives, and expect us to comment away. We're not that easy!

But if I were going to make a comment - which I'm not - I would point out that I also made snowmen in that very front yard! I would point out how weird that is. But since I'm not commenting, you'll never get to know just how weird that is. (You're missing out - 'cause it's really weird!)

DJT said...

I had a co-worker do this at a client. It triggered the fire alarms which brought the fire department.

Needless to say, she was very embarrassed!!

John said...

Heather, that be gross. I'm not coming over next Wensday if your house still stinks. That is just the most daring picture of Julia. She's gonna be a heartbreaker. Start breaking out the Pat Benitar.

Rick said...

So you are one of those! A "popcorn burner". I should have known. There's one in every crowd. I think microwave popcorn should be outlawed. Oh well, love you anyway. And your kids are truly amazing. Must be genetic! :-)

Angie said...

Well, I'll comment away... I guess I'm that easy! ;-) Or maybe I am just more full of grace than Dusty is... Yeah, that's probably it right there!

My first year in college a girl on my floor set the microwave on fire b/c she misread the instructions on her microwave burrito... She thought 3-5 minutes was 35 minutes. Yeah, it was bad.

Shane Coffman said...

Those big brown eyes are going to be trouble for you, aren't they, Heather?

And, if you want some popcorn at the office, please let me know and I'll pop it for you. I'm proudly burn-free!

How sad am I that it's 8:30 on a Friday night and I'm commenting on blogs?

Anonymous said...

Heather, you gotta ignore that whole 3-5 minutes thing on the instructions and just do 3 minutes! You can't go wrong with 3 minutes. You might have a couple of un-popped kernels, but in the end, you have to weigh that against that awful smell of burnt popcorn and the inevitable walk of shame away from the microwave after discovering that you've done it yet again!

I have two words for you my friend: THREE MINUTES. :)

Love, Marcy M.