Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I continue to be so incredibly humbled by your words and your encouragement. Thank you - you are part of why I consider our lives so rich.

I sat down last night to take care of normal business like bills and homework so I could post again tonight a little more to our journey, and where we are today. However, just to be honest, God is really working on me this week in some other unrelated areas - and I'm worn out, in a good way. So I'll try and pick up tomorrow...if He desires it.:-)

Jacob's dream has made more sense to me this week in a personal way than I think I've ever experienced before. I get how it is difficult to wrestle with God. I get how he walked away wounded. And I get walking away from the experience saying "Surely God is in this place." Limping... but more faithful and convicted than when you were whole.

I attended a funeral today of a man I wish I knew. And in a way only God can work, I do. Paul said all things are ours... the memories and love others had for him first hand find their way into my heart too, even if only as they are shared. I may have missed out on a personal conversation or a meeting... but the kingdom he impacted is the one I'm in too - his life is my victory, though it seems weird to say that. It's amazing how in death, God speaks through your life to people you never even met. Adam Langford spoke to mine, and it was bold and powerful - inspiring and convicting, and humbling.

I watched my son today... the young man in the casket was only about 27 or so.
I couldn't help thinking about his mom, and then personalizing the thoughts and feelings. While it would rip my heart out, I would be thrilled if my kids rose above the status quo of life to live unsafely because they are in love with the gospel of Jesus. The service managed to bridge the gap between heavenly welcoming and physical parting better than I have ever experienced before.

All that to say... the normal organized me would keep on track and post a follow up from last night. The the other me is accepting God's detour and going to pray and continue to wrestle with all He is trying to say to me tonight on other subjects.

Just didn't want to not explain where I went.:-) And boy, I love you guys. I mean it when I say I consider myself rich from the blessing God brings us through you. Thank you for being amazing... and letting me in on the blessing of it.


Angie said...

Did you see Mark at the funeral?

heather said...

Ang - No - a friend here said Mark ended up getting sick and sadly couldn't make it.

Anonymous said...

I normally sit back and quietly read your blog, unless of course you are offering a free gift, but today I just had to say that you are awesome - I love the way you seek God and find Him in all things and by doing so encourage me to do the same. Lisa

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Danna said...

I just want to say that I am SO SO blessed to call you friend!! You amaze and inspire me to be a better me. Thank you for sharing your journey with Eli; it is so fasinating and makes me love and admire you even more. And it makes me love and admire Eli even more too!

I love you!

DJT said...

I have spoken about you several times over the last few days. You are an amazing child of God. God shines through you in so many ways! The beauty of it is that you don't see it! We get to see it.

I talked about you this morning at breakfast with my breakfast gang. We were talking about your wrestling and how each of us is doing that right now. We talked much about Adam. I heard many more amazing things this morning. Hey, did you know that Magnusson's nephew was one of the guys who shared a word about Adam?

Thank you for blessing me with your intermission and for your recent main event. Thanks for sharing your life!! You are making me a better child of God.

Tammy said...

Heather, You are right about giving your kids to God and watching them struggle, enter into dangerous situations for Him and finding it total joy to let them go where He leads! I find myself confused at family member (parents and in-laws)that wring their hands and wish that my kids had it "easier" in boring that would be :) and what blessings and joys and growth I (and my kidos) would miss. Limping isn't such a bad way to travel! I love your heart sweety!