Saturday, January 20, 2007

Kids and colds

Michelle - Would LOVE to get together with you! We miss you - and were just talking about you last night! So PLEASE tell us when you're in town! woo hoo!

Ang- I love that God does this between us! I look forward to learning from Him in you as you read!

So my kiddos are home tonight with coughs and runny noses. The kind that make you hurt to look at them. I actually found Eli in the bathroom looking for medicine I could give him. That's a first, b/c it all tastes nasty.

And Julia gave a new description to fever and chills that I thought was great. I laid her in bed and she said:
"Momma, I feel like a snowman,.... that's melting..."

She looked like it too. :-)

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MommaFlee said...


was thinking of you recently...and just wanted to say that I wish we could have some coffee together. Since Angie is now going to Tulsa this year, I'm thinking about making the trip myself. Could we hang?

By the way...I used to LOVE to come to your house...I always felt like guys are good at making people feel that way...and definitely miss singing. I treasure those times in my heart, but especially miss giving you a hard time about pants! Hee Hee.

Love you, Flee