Saturday, November 12, 2005

With so much smarts, how'd you end up THERE?!

Okay ... I'm so excited. Some might think it is bragging... but I assure you it is pure joy!

A few weeks ago I nominated my son to be tested for the gifted and talented program at school. It was a move filled with a lot of insecurity, because I felt like some of the staff would laugh behind my back at the mere suggestion, considering that is not usually side that they encounter with him. I didn't even know if he would be able to take it with some of the other issues going on, but I nominated him anyways.

We got a note last night - he qualified!! You have to score in the top 5% of your grade or the test. ( His non-gifted and talented parents couldnt read the test scores, so I'm not sure. ) I am so excited for him!

I also found out he locked himself in his locker yesterday.


As Eli told me, I just began to crack up. ( He was offended.)
Jason also suggested that my laughing was inappropriate, as when Eli recounted the story to him afterschool, he was still tearing up & shaky about it. But it was just so funny! Eli did start to laugh, after I couldn't control myself. I think he'll need therapy, but then again, laughing at yourself saves a world of hurt later on in life.

I asked him why he did it.
Because he saw another girl do it, and it looked fun.

I asked him how he got out.
He said he started banging and yelling and crying until his teacher came out and found him.

I asked him what happened to all the other kids that had been around.
He didn't know. He couldn't see them.

Now doesn't that just crack you up too?

I think all of us have an appointment in the gifted and talented program, but at times take detours and lock ourselves in a locker.

Both moments define and shape who we are, praise God.


Theresa said...

you know... it makes me feel better that everyone is in this boat. We can be super smart, but we still do silly things. We can have the wisdom of great age, but kids still teach us things.

I love this story! Eli's going to have a great testimony when he grows up. :o)

Michelle said...

hahahahahhahahahahah okay i laughed and it was wonderful.oh my that was hilarious.