Thursday, November 17, 2005

sweet ,innocent ,political prayers

I have been crazy tired for the last couple of days - but had to blog this. Eli has prayed for the last couple of nights a unique little phrase that just cracks me up.

".....thank you for my family, for everyone You made, for every thing You made, for Your fruits of the spirit, thank You for Your ten commandments, Your laws and Your bills. "

I think he watched our "Schoolhouse Rock" Congress song too much.


norsemanrm said...

How great and funny is that?
But how beautiful that at his age and in his purity he prays for "the fruits of the Spirit.
WOW, not that's cool.

Rick said...

I love to hear kids pray before we teach them all the "right ways" to pray.

Michelle said...

haha that was a fantastic story!