Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Kid's a stand up.....

*** Warning*** Objectional matieral to follow. Those without kids might not want to read.

I've debated over putting this up - but know there are a few of you who will appreciate it despite the context.

I'm cleaning the bedroom, and Eli comes out of the bathroom with no pants on.

I look at him, confused, and ask him "What are you doing?"

He replies "I had to go poopy."

Still confused, I ask "Do you need help wiping or something?

He cheerfully answers :
"No thanks. Dad already got to the bottom of it. "


Rick said...

eeeewwwwwww! Been there, done that.Bye the way, good picture on the xanga.

Theresa said...

LOL! I can totally hear him saying that. And the funniest part is, he probably knew it was a pun! HAHA! Hilarious! :o)

P.S. email me the onion pie recipe. I love onions... it totally sounds yummy and not weird.

...maybe that's a testament to my weirdness. :o)

Love you!!!

Jennie said...

so i get to see you like uber soon. i way miss you all so much. tell everyone hello and i shall call you when i am home. love you tons