Monday, November 07, 2005


Okay. You all win. Cinnamon Rush has currently replaced the Lemon Ice toothpaste. I like it. ALOT. It does remind me so much of Big Red gum though that I have to remind myself that my teeth ARE clean.

And I have a new diet technique. Berry Blast dental floss.

Seriously. Usually, I am not hungry - I just want something that tastes good in my mouth. Sooo.. dental floss works GREAT! Taste it. Throw it away.

Don't knock it till you try it. :)


norsemanrm said...

First let me say that I also was brought to tears in your last posting (another male)and join you and all the others in praising God for this special lady in your life rite now. we go again,
Some of us told you we were moved to try the "Lemon Ice" and found, like you, it to be delightful.
And while thanking you for the insight shared with you the zest and tingle of the Cinnamon.
Now, here I started reading thinking, WOW we've all shared something new and exciting, and all "inlightened"
But then I come tho the second part...The "FLOSS DIET"
I just can't see invitng someone to a business luch of Dental Floss and a Diet Coke.
I'll have to work on this one. :o)
I/We love you and thinks for the tearful praise in one blog and the smilng fun in the next.
You are a gift to us all.
Thanks God!

Vanessa Priest said...

Hmm, I haven't tried the Cinammon flavor yet. But I'll have to next time! The first time I ever used these I started off with the orange citrus one. It made me sick to my stomach in the mornings. Too strong I guess? I think I like Vanilla Ice the best so far, but we'll see after I try the cinammon.
Have a wonderful day! :)

Theresa said...

"I just can't see invitng someone to a business luch of Dental Floss and a Diet Coke."

I can't stop laughing!!! Thank you, Mr. M. That was hilarious!

I know what I'm bringing to the next pot luck. Berry Blast dental floss... just for Heather. Won't Mark Curtis be proud? :o)