Saturday, April 07, 2007

You know your child doesn't get out much past 8 pm when....

Julia and I were reading her Bible for bedtime last night. She got a new Bible , and so we decided since we were "upgrading" from the story books to her first real "big" Bible, we'd start at the beginning... so creation was covered the first night. She knew a lot already so we were having fun "filling in the blanks" as I would read.

We got to day four...
"God made two great lights. He made the larger light to rule over the day. He made the smaller light to rule over the night. He also made the stars."

Me : "Julia, what was the bigger light God made to rule over the day?"
Julia: "The Sun!"
Me: Good! And what was the smaller light God made to rule over the night?"
Julia: "The light switch?"

Tonight she couldn't go to sleep. So after a few futile attempts to get out of bed, she brings me this conversation...:

"Mom, my finger feels funny."

Me: "Okay."

"It feels like there's blood in it."

Me: "Well, Jules, there is blood in it but that's a good thing."

"Maybe it feels that way because of the ketchup I'm eating."

(Those of you with 5 year olds know you can't laugh in their face.) So I swallow my laugh and suggest that maybe she should quit eating ketchup.

"No!! I love ketchup!"

Me: "Well..."

Julia : "But if it happens again in the morning, I'll stop eating ketchup."

I don't know what we'll do if she decides to do that. It's her only daily vegetable serving....


Heather Winter said...

You are a roll Girl!! I love all this posting! Thanks for including me here-I am glad the thought meant something to you too! All this you have here is great...God be praised. Blessed is His Name!

Su said...

That was too funny! I have to say, the more I hear from parents and the more I am around kids, the more I think, "I am SO not ready for parenthood!" I hope Julia's finger felt better in the morning. :)

Nicole Miller said...

Someone at Harding posted this on facebook, and I was like ah that's my cousin! I'm glad to see you're writing. You're very good. I hope we get to see each other soon.
Allison (I changed my name to Nicole...if that confused you:)