Sunday, April 15, 2007

Who needs cable when you have kids?

2 Funnies (from Julia) and a neat one (from Eli) for the night.

This morning Julia runs her finger from her shoulder to her wrist and says:

"I think my brains are coming down my arm."
I look at her for a moment, confused, but knowing she will never leave a void of air unfilled... so I wait.
"It makes me sad that other people can see their brains and I can't see mine."

"Do you mean 'veins'?" I ask.

"Ohhhh... yeah,"
She laughs.

Tonight, in her prayers, she prays for the chance to babysit Ms. Stacey's new dog. (They affectionately refer to it as the psycho dog.)
"But God, I hope he's not scared because then he might bite me, and I been bit before. In Jesus' name, Amen."

She then looks at me and decides to explain.
"You know one time Clancy (My brother-in-law's BIG dog) was around me. And I was by him, and then I didn't see my finger inside his mouth. Then he accidently bit me."

I hate it when that happens. But I do think we could go on the road with her show.

Eli prayed the sweetest prayer tonight, about our worship minister, Shane.
It started off like a pretty routine prayer, but became quite lengthy (for Eli) and centered around Shane. I can't remember all of it, but here were some of the things he said:

"God, thank you for Shane. I just really like him a lot and he is a nice man. When I am around him, He makes me just always think of God. He's like a robot. "

When I first heard him say that, I didn't know what he meant. But when he had finished praying he sort of repeated all of it to me, sharing his thoughts a little more. He said:

"Mom, Mr. Shane is like a robot because every time I'm around him, he always makes me think of God. Not everyone can do that, but with him, it's every time, I just automatically start thinking about God."

I thought that was a pretty impressive compliment. - And a true observation. :-)


Shane Coffman said...

How incredibly sweet of him. Yes, it brought a tear to my eye.

That's such a good reminder for all of us. We have absolutely no idea who we're influencing. No idea at all. That's why every interaction is so important.

Eli just helped me learn that lesson a little better. Thanks, Eli.

Cindy said...

The brain story is so funny. :-)

Eli is so sweet and honest.:-)

Doug Oakes said...

That's awesome stuff. I can't wait to begin the journey of parenthood. "Out of the mouths of babes..."


tim rush said...

Instead of paying babysitters, you guys could sale tickets for the chance to watch your kids. They are worth the price of admission.