Saturday, April 28, 2007

Cindy has been Eli's teacher for the last two years - and will be a dear friend for many to come. I said before - she is a blessing directly from God. She has more talent and ability than should be alotted to one person... but as long as our family is blessed by it I'm okay with it...:-)

For my birthday, she put together this fun video of Eli's firstgrade year. She is so special to us - and is a good one for tear-jerker gifts! Thank you Cindy!


Brenda said...

Um...yep...I'm crying!

Jill said...

what an awesome gift!! and i love the song she chose!

Cindy said...

You are too kind. I am the one that has been blessed by your family. I am very thankful that God has brought our families together.

Jessica said...

Beautiful slide show! Thanks for sharing it on your blog.
Love you guys,
Jeremy, Jessica, and Elizabeth