Monday, October 23, 2006

No more aspirin for our family!

In the van, on the way home today.

Eli : "Mom, I'm not going to May's Drug store anymore...and I hope noone else will either."

Me: "Why, Eli?" ( Thinking... it is a little early for anyone to be setting him up to boycott something?)

Eli: " BECAUSE...... (hear it said in a "duh" condescending voice) .. well, you know what the counselor said about it! "

I turned to look at him, confused, until I saw the "Partnership for a Drug free America" ribbon pinned to his shirt.



Cindy said...

I am laughing:-)

When I got out Advil the other day, several students yelled out...Don't Do Drugs!! ;-)

Theresa said...

heeheehee! I remember well the conversation Nate and I had last year about the difference between prescription medication and illegal drugs. That was a fun one. :)