Sunday, October 16, 2005

Parental "Pardon Me? 's"

This has been a rough week for our son. ( And hence a rougher week for us. ) His teacher sent a note home on Thur. saying it was a very bad day for him, (some of you know what that means.) We love this teacher dearly, she is a God-send and she has a son with similar conditions to Eli, so we take her very seriously when she lets us know something has happened. Included on her note were a number of his behavioral dilemmas, and one comment that said "naughty words".

So Jason asked him what naughty words he used.

He couldn't remember for sure but one of them was "barnacle head".

??? A six year old using "barnacle head" as an insult?

I myself had to confirm that yes, indeed, a barnacle is some sort of ocean bottom dwelling creature.

The next day, the teacher reported that he was a different child again, and had a very good day. He only one problem that day, -he spent recess kissing the girls and making them mad.

A far cry from "barnacle head".

Now that is just like a boy, isn't it?


Theresa said...

"Barnacle Head"??? That is hilarious!

Isn't it terrible that when they do some of their funniest stuff we, as parents, aren't allowed to laugh about it?

Anonymous said...

Heather, barnacle head is a term used on Sponge Bob. His neighbor Squidward calls Sponge Bob and his friend Patrick "barnacle head". It is used as a negative term, because Squidward dislikes Sponge Bob and Patrick. I got this information from Addi! I guess we learn somethin' new every day, huh?