Saturday, October 01, 2005

I've been in that boat before and I'm NOT going back...

I've figuratively lived that statement out, honestly, many times before.

"...but on the grounds of Your Word, I will lower the nets again." (Luke 5:5)

I wonder what the situations are in each of our lives that we could say we have already worried over, already tried to fix, already said or done all we could have, and like Peter, we have reaped nothing that we set out for? ( And on top of that, we are exhausted from trying! )

"... but on the grounds of Your Word....." , and Peter tries again.

Faith takes a different look at the same situation. It doesn't look through logical eyes. It instead looks into the eyes of the One who can make things that aren't ... as though they are.

And all that Jesus goes on to share in the sermon on the mount, especially here in Luke 6, requires faith eyes. It is hard stuff! A contemporary Christian artist, creating songs from this section of Jesus' teachings, recently titled his album "White Flag", symbolizing how Jesus, in calling us to submission of this incredible heart standard, eventually brings all of us to our knees in surrender of our need for Him. That speaks to me. We can't accomplish it on our own! Reading it again this morning reminds me of that.

" ...pray for the happiness of those who curse you..."
" ...give away to everyone who begs of you... "
" merciful....judge not....

Those were just a few of the words I listened to Him say this morning that touched me personally. I tell myself "That makes no logical sense in this fleshly realm! By my own power, I'm pretty sure I can't accomplish that. It's never worked before ?!?"

Then I think about Peter. "But on the grounds of Your Word......" So I'm reminded it is worth it to look in His eyes and try in His power what never worked for me trying in my own power to do before. And because of Peter's story, I can eagerly anticipate the faithfulness of my Lord - and the rich excitement of seeing all that He promised will both bless me personally and please Him ultimately.

What a journey it is! - opening your heart to the possibility of embracing all that doesn't make sense to your earthly mind because of the One who calls you to live outside of yourself!

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