Saturday, October 01, 2005

Not so bloggable moments from my kids.

So I asked Eli (6) and Julia (3) tonight, what they thought God looked like. ( As soon as I asked it I thought to myself "What did you just ask them that for? If they don't know - they're gonna turn around and ask you! ) Thankfully, though, they were ready and confident.

Eli said - "I think He is like a king, but without a crown."
Me - "Why doesn't He have a crown?"
Eli - (with a tone of "well everybody knows....) "Because He is the King of everything! "

So feeling a little dumb, I turn to Julia and ask her : "What do you think God looks like?"

She said - "Eating bread."


Now what in the world do I do with that?


Vanessa Priest said...

I love the stories about your kids. Too cute, too cute.
I love you Heather. May you have a spectacular and blessed week! :)

Theresa said...

3 year olds are so random! I always wonder exactly how their little minds work. I'm certain it's completely logical. :)

Jennie said...

oh my goodness. i miss ure/my family so much. i put on stage makeup tonight. Good thing u chose to not bring the kids i am really scary.
i love u, i miss u.

DJT said...

How often do you think that Julia has heard that Jesus is the bread of life? Maybe she was saying he looked like bread to be eaten!

I wonder if she is not wise beyond our years!!!