Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Okay, Yes! Green means stop.

"Green means stop and red means go." Julia is adamant about it.

We are all in the car and we all try and explain it to her. But when this 3 year old thinks she is right, there is no one changing her mind.
(Jennifer - no comments.)

One day, in some situation, that will be a great quality.

But for now, it's not just that she believes it, she wants to know and make sure that everyone is on board with her way of thinking.
And she has a temper. No one believes me, but she really does. She is intolerably cute and almost mesmerizing by her sweetness. But she does have this side of her. So first start the low level tears.

At this point, the three of us all know that she just needs to learn this lesson. Green means go. Red means stop.

Then comes the high pitched assertions.

We are still clueless and try and hold our ground.

The three year old will not have it! Somehow her 40 pound body begins to rock the entire car.

Just in time, our six year chimes in with wisdom for the moment that exceeds that of mine and Jason's combined.

"Well, green does mean stop for the walkers, and red means go for the walkers." Hmmm. He is right. And we can all agree on that.

So we do.

Today, she criticized my turning right on a green arrow as the other cars in the lane to the left weren't moving yet. But she did accept my explanation.

Someone this week taught the girl not to talk with her mouth full.

Good grief. I guess I'll learn some manners yet.


The_unseen said...
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Michelle said...

Ah Julia has a temper?! No I don't believe it!
thats a good story