Tuesday, March 28, 2006

WOWEEE. What a weekend.


HUGE AMEN to all that our amazing God did at workshop! There was more than one of us who I think were slightly skeptical in the recesses of our heart about what it would look like ... and I have been completely and rightly humbled by my God and what He taught me. I have been on this journey ... but moving at a snails pace for sure.
We are going to travel to the Christian Church's national conference ( their version of the Tulsa Workshop) and my excitement is just intensifying daily.
Hope! That is what this weekend tasted like.
What a thrilling experience to discard the suspicious attitudes and embrace brothers and sisters that love Jesus with all their heart, revere and memorize His word because they love it deeply, and be okay with the fact that we sometimes arrive at different conclusions but can still unite in calling Him Lord, spreading the fame of His gospel, and show love, support, affection and genuine unity with each other.
How humbling and deeply rewarding it was to listen to Bob Russell - a no name to me a few days ago...( I am ashamed of that. ) - and one whom I will listen much more to now. How inspiring to deal with real issues in a manner that seems consistent with all I can study on my own in His word... though inconsistent with some of what I grew up being been taught in the past.
Thank God for men who step out in faith based on conviction despite all the naysaying.
I pray I move more and more on conviction and not in fear of what others think and say and balance that with continued respect for those who genuinely differ in opinions. Still growing up there....


Rick said...


Angie said...

Oh... that is SO what I wanted to hear! My heart is just overflowing, Heather. I learned all this a different way... First of all by attending things like Women of Faith and Love Won Out conferences... Being in that environment, there's no mistaking the Spirit of God. But it was still a distant thing... Until I moved home and the Church of Christ here was in such a sad shape. Going to the local Baptist Church here wasn't easy for me... but I found all the things you mentioned (in spite of our differences). Unity is possible and it is worth it. We are all the better for it.

I can't believe you're going to the Christian Church conference too! That's another thing I had earmarked... but probably won't get to attend. What's the deal with this? You're living my life! As long as you blog about it, I suppose I'll be OK!!!

I love you all the more... and I'm so thankful that your heart is so malleable and open to God's leading.

Looking forward to reading you more!

Love for always,

Carrie said...

I have a draft on my blog that I have not sent out about workshop yet, and Bob Russell's name is mentioned A LOT! He was my absolute favorite speaker!!! When is that conference because I am there!!! Kentucky right??:) I loved Workshop this year too, I love it every year, but this year I loved the message!!!

Danna said...

AMEN SISTER! WOW! I am still just trying to digest it all! And Satan is in there trying to make me question it! DARN HIM!! I am excited about the NACC and even more so knowing that you all are going! Can you even stand it, imagining what He is going to do in us there?!

I love you!

Jennie said...

so some of the college kids and I were discussing going to the Christian Convention also. i think it could be amazing and i am stoked to watch God work in a way I do not get to witness so often.