Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Make time to smell the roses, and listen to the important lessons....

Angie - you mentioned Rick Atchley in your comment, and I just have to tell you I listened to a sermon of his just tonight that has me up late, studying, writing and profoundly impacted. It is powerful - and though I know I may take some heat for this, I want to put it out there because I feel like what he says could change the shape of the church with the issues we face right now, if we really got the message out there. If I could do a link right, ( TERESA - HELP ME!) I would, but I can't.

You can go to the Richland Hills website,
and look for sermons on the left hand - the one I listened to was from March 1st, called "Learning Division." .

IT is WORTH the WHOLE listen.


Theresa said...

Let me just hop in my invisible plane and I'll be right over.

*hums wonder woman theme song*


Love you, girl!

Angie said...

OK... looks like we are SO on the same page! How funny that you just listened to that! I'm smiling ear to ear at how God works out this "parallel universe" thing among his people! I love you so much Heather... and I love that you are brave enough to make this post. It's no small thing.

Glad you made your way over to my blog! You made it feel like home...