Saturday, March 18, 2006

Autograph shmatograph.

So we got an unexpected surprise... and got to go see "The Wizard of Oz" children's play on this wonderfully rainy morning.

The kids loved it, and afterwards... we were in line to meet and greet the actors/actressess, as Julia really wanted to hug Dorothy. They had both picked up coloring sheets and many of the kids were asking the cast to autograph their papers. So I leaned down and asked Eli if he wanted them to sign his sheet. His reply?
"No, it's already signed."

I looked down, and sure enough, he had printed his own name in big bold yellow crayon right at the top.

Guess that's all he needed. :-)

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Angie said...

Smart kid. We don't need to inflate others as much as we do anyway... kids just remind us of that!

I heard Stephen Arterburn telling about a kids' clubhouse in which the rules were:

Nobody act big.
Nobody act little.
Everybody act medium.

Eli would be great at reminding everyone of that! ;-)