Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I am only 3, but I am woman... hear me roar....

Okay. Obviously the last post gave just a taste of insight into the power struggle going on in our house at this stage in Julia's life.
I admit... it has been rough lately with her.

Have you ever had a thought.. and simultaneously as you speak it, the other person says something else? Those moments can be funny, awkward, or perfectly classic. This morning Julia and I had a moment... that I thought summed up where we are at perfectly.

We were having a 'pouty face stare off'... and I finally shifted to a smile... as did she. I scooped her up into my arms, hugging her, and said "You are such a little independant thing...." while at the same time, hugging me tightly, she said "I think I'm gonna marry myself."

At this point, I think so too. :-)


Mar said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Julia is so cute! I can just see the 2 of you staring. I had a stare off this morning with Sophia too, but mine didn't end up in a moment. It ended with a bite mark on my hand!

Theresa said...

I've never had a stare-off with my kids. That must be a girl thing. :)

And how did she think of marrying herself? That's soooo funny! I sometimes want an insight into their little minds. Where do they come up with these things?

Jeanne said...

Hang in there, that independance will serve her so well as she grows into a woman. She reminds me so much of Vanessa at that age. Independance comes from being secure that you are loved. You two have a great relationship and I will share with you that it only gets better! It is such a blast to have a daughter who is an adult now and the progression of our relationship from authority figure to mentor to friend. Wow! What a blessing. God is way better to us than we deserve!