Thursday, February 09, 2006

Back home..

Well - got in late last night from Ohio. Danna - thanks for praying what I couldn't. God blessed us with about 8 hours together before Alice passed away. What a privilege.

There is so much to write, so much I probably can't, and more that is still mulling around in my head and heart. I can't even count how many random moments started a blog line in my mind... but I didn't have a laptop, thankfully for all of you. :-)

Still much catching up to do with my family, as well, so it still may be a little while till I post again. The stack of mail and emails is high... though my sweet husband had the house so clean, (even kitchen floors mopped) when I got in last night - no complaining at all here. I missed everyone. Tons.

Thanks for your prayers. And Dusty... don't blow my cover man. Did you ever think that maybe Mike and Wade were just my alias's?


Anonymous said...

Heather, WELCOME HOME!! I miss you so much!!

Kudos to Jason aka Fancy Perfume, for having the house clean for you!

Dusty said...

Just how deep does this conspiracy go? Are you also ghost writing a certain someone's sermons? And if so, how much does that cost? Could I convince you to ghost write a certain someone elses sermons? That certain someone else is certainly not me! It's for a friend!

heather said...

I'm just saying you could never get all three of us on the phone at the same time.

Obviously it doesn't cost much- or I wouldn't keep my day job.
OR, maybe my day job IS my cover.....hmmm....