Sunday, September 25, 2005

There's a doghouse in the backyard ... for one of us.

From Friday morning.

Me - ( as I come in emotionally slamming the door.) "Uhhhh! I am such a baby about stuff! I can't believe I am such a baby! Good grief! "

Jason - "Which thing?"

.....long pause....

Jason - " I mean..... uh..." "uh.. what do you mean?"

.....long pause..... knowing laughter.

Me - " I am so blogging that. "

My hopes are to put enough quotes up here that Jason feels like he should start his own blog. :) Danna - be forewarned, if you don't get started I may try the same tactic on you! Just kidding!

1 comment:

Danna said...

OK, OK....I have been thinking all afternoon about this. I PROMISE I will blog before my deadline is up! :-)

By the way, this was hilariuos! Tell Jason we love him anyway. Well, I do. Of course, I think Doug might have identified with this a bit too much! He laughed and laughed....