Monday, July 09, 2007


A couple of months ago, my friend Jennifer agreed to teach the 1st grade at church on Wed. nights. She decided to do a video series for the kids - "Bibleman". (Available at Mardels). Little did I know how powerfully this would impact my children. (WOW! What an invaluable gift you gave us my friend! Thank you! )

The series in class has ended ... but it has only begun in our home. We are obsessed - and for once, I'm completely okay with that. In the last couple of weeks, Eli has randomly quoted verses that he's learned - and not without understanding of their application in life. I 've even learned a few verses from him! A few of my favorite random quotes coming out of his mouth recently .. ( and yes, completely on his own....)

(after a conversation about the devil and pride)
"Mom - that's just like what it says in Isaiah 2:17! " The arrogance of man will be brought low and the pride of men humbled; the Lord alone will be exalted in that day"
(and yes... I had to look this up to see if it really said that!)

(after talking about why Jesus might have said to not even be angry when talking about the commandment to not murder...)
"Oh! that's like "Lead us not into temptation!"

(while talking about the heart in a bible lesson)
"Mom - I shouldn't have disobeyed you a few minutes ago. Because the bible says 'He who obeys the commands protects his life.' "

I love having a hero that my kids can emulate... our swords have become "swords of the spirit" - and the "bad guys" really are the ones they'll fight the rest of their life... pride, anger, disobedience, lies...etc. Bible man and Biblegirl fly around in their capes dueling and partnering against evil much of the day. And I feel safer. :-)

In a world FULL of subtle, destructive & heartbreaking influence on our kids... here's my shameless plug for the breath of fresh and energizing air Bibleman brings!


Jeanne said...

Speaking of your son, I love that boy soooooooooooooooooo much!!! When he walked into our Bible story room last night, my heart rejoiced! I love teaching Eli because not only do I always learn something while I'm with him, he looks beneath the story line for deeper meaning in understanding God. I wasn't disappointed last night. As I was telling the story of the plagues, I told how God sent the frogs upon Egypt and Pharaoh told Moses to pray to God to remove them and then he would let the people go. God killed all the frogs, but Pharaoh changed his mind and still said no! Eli raised his hand and patiently waited to ask, “If God knew that Pharaoh was lying, why did he kill the frogs anyway?” I told him that God will always give us the chance or opportunity to do what’s right even when he knows what we will do. He still struggled with the idea, but since we only have 20 mins. to get out of Egypt, walk around in the wilderness, cross the Red Sea, drown Pharaoh, and rejoice over God’s protection on the other side, I had to move on! His statement struck a cord deep in my heart though and I have continued to ponder it and rejoice that our God loves us so much that even when he knows the outcome, he doesn’t take away our opportunity to choose to do the right thing! Your son is such a gift! Thank you for sharing him with us!

Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

hey heather,
it's so cool to see how kids latch on to the word. i thought that nursery/cradle class was just a way to keep little ones occupied while we went to our grown up classes, but even at 3 months old, i saw alani already regurgitating things she's learned in class after only 3 weeks of going. . no, she's not quoting scripture yet, but she does a mean tongue click when i sing this song "tick tock tick tock, what time is it?" that she's been hearing in her nursery class on sundays. . . it really reminded me of how early i need to be teaching her about God on a regular basis

Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

um i meant 13 months old not 3

Willis said...

It's really neat that I came across your blog. I am Heather and my husband is Jason. I was trying to find my old blog spot I made several months ago regarding the adoption of our son, and when I googled it, your site came up. Your writing inspired me, particularly the one about the prostitute. I hope the doors were opened to you to witness to her. My newest blog is
It's invitation only.


Toni Burns said...

Heather, it was good to see Jason a few weeks back. Sorry we didn't make it all the way to Tulsa. next time we for sure will. Jessica told me some cute stories about Eli and Bibleman! Breaking the bonds of dissobedience!!
Thanks for sharing your family with us. We love you very much - Love Toni

Carolyn said...


Well, we made it back a week and some ago and are settling back into life and routines - yay! We thank you again for the time you graciously spent with us. We considered it a valuable time.

Question: can you email me the name of that parenting series "Growing Kids God's Way" - we looked at several Bible book stores but they don't have anything under that name. Benjy mentioned that you thought they had changed the name. Do you know what it is called? We are interested in purchasing it and possibly using it to help families here.

Thanks Heather - hi to Jason and the kids. Again, thanks so much for sharing your lives with us!

Love, Carolyn

wendy said...

Heather, remember when you used to blog? Yeahhhh, good times...
Love you! Wendy

Terry Rush said...

Dear Ms. Thorton,

Be notified you have been reported to BSWA (Blog Stagnation Website of America)for indifference to the code violation for the following:

* Update
* Upgrade
* Anything new...just anything!


Terry Rush said...

Well, I meant anonymous...but it posted some man's name at the top. We don't seem to have him listed in our files so thus we have concluded such a name is made up and not a real individual although you may think such.

Shane Coffman said...

I think Bible Man has had his moment in the sun now.

That's about 99 cheers for him now, at the rate of 3 per day since July 9...

craig said...

Yeah, it's lately been kinda like watching road construction in Arkansas.

craig said...

Or like updates to Tim's site.