Saturday, December 02, 2006

Home again, home again, jiggety jig

Someday, I want to be tagged. :-) Not today, though.

Julia just fell off the bed.
When I asked her how, she said she was dancing, and had a pillow over her head.
She said:
"I was trying to stay away from the edge of the bed. I thought I was not near the edge, because I thought this was the biggest bed ever. But then, I took another step, and the bed was not there anymore. And I looked back at where I thought the bed was, and then I was scared of this side of the bed because it wasnt' there. "

I relayed this to Jason and he went and talked to Julia later.

Jason: "Julia, I heard you thought the bed would go on forever?"

Julia: "Yeah. I thought to myself, 'I was wrong!' That's when Momma and Eli came in, because I was crying.

Jason: "They love you very much!"

That's when Julia looked at Jason and said: "Where were you?!!"


Thanks for the prayers to and from Kansas City. It was an unbelievable weekend. We stayed an extra day due to weather, but even that was awesome.
The conference was on Autism and Asperger's syndrome... and I can't believe all that I learned. I am seriously in information overload... but in a good way. Coming home to my family, and espcially my son, was like coming home to a very different future....I heard him say things and comprehended them in a new light, and implemented some simple actions with immediate results. (Now consistencey is another issue....) I am amazed and excited, and will share more over the coming weeks as I have time!


Brenda said...

Hey Heather!! I would love to sit and talk with you about your time there and your experiences if you don't mind sometime in the future. I shared a little bit with Jason on Wednesday night about Ian. We finish all our testing on Wednesday and hope to have a firm diagnosis. I'll let ya know. It would be nice to talk to someone else going through the same trials!

Theresa said...

next time I WILL tag you. I know you'll do it! I was hoping to coax certain people into updating their blogs to no avail. ;)

I love Julia. She's so funny!

I'm glad you had a good weekend. Prayed for you, and watched your progress through the radar screens via Travis Meyer. :D

John said...

Is it weird that I'm eating the skin off of a baked potato? I don't think it is. Please don't persecute me. I love what Julia said to Jason. Served him right.