Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sex education - on the right track.

Jason's been reading a old but good book on raising kids, and protecting their purity. It sparked off sex education conversation with Julia . I loved how it started....

Jason: "Julia, do you know where babies come from?"

Julia: "Yep."

Jason: "Where do they come from?"

Julia: "The babysitter."

I liked that answer. :-)


Angie said...

Oh yeah... that's a good one! :-)

I've been away from blog world for a couple of weeks, so it's been good to catch up with you! I really want to see Lady In the Water & agree with your summation of M. Night Shyamalan's works!

Also... Have you ever checked out the "God's Design for Sex" series? There are 4 volumes.

The Story Of Me (Ages 3-5)
Before I Was Born (Ages 5-8)
What's The Big Deal? (Ages 8-11)
Facing The Facts (Ages 11-14)

Age appropriate & really good stuff... even if you just use it for ideas for conversations...

Or... just stick with the babysitter. Whatever works! :-)

John said...

Man, I was like five when my mom set all three of us down and told us the explicit details of the reproductive process.

Theresa said...

Look what you did! It looks fabulous!!! Makes me want to go to the beach!