Monday, July 31, 2006

This insight of 24 hours

Had a garage sale this weekend. It didn't go great, in the way of sales, but went GREAT in the way of clearing out junk in our house. I am all over simplicity. I can't always get life to coordinate with me, but this was a great effort. My house is actually staying a little cleaner, and I'm no longer overwhelmed by piles of stuff I "need to get to". I just threw them all away.

I love the motto at church, - "A place to start life over." Funny that I found myself having to do that at home too. I love that, though. I can look back and identify periods of depression in my life linked to a false sense of hopelessness that I could never start over - I had messed up, and there was no turning back. Too much junk to wade through.

I'm pretty sure everyone feels it at some point.

I love learning that God gives us new mercy, every single morning. We as people are much harder on each other. How many relationships do you ever wish you could just "start over", yet realize, even then, another point of failure would just arise again.

Piled up junk defines too many of my relationships.Junk I long to throw out.

I long for grace and mercy to define my relationship with others, like God infuses it in to His relationship with me. I long for us to be more free in the forgiveness and compassion offered each other.
Even when it is offered freely to us, we are sometimes wary of it. We are suspicious that it may come back to haunt us. As a result, many relationships just end, thinking happiness is just too far out of reach.

What wisdom God offers us in our in our pursuit of acceptance from one another. 24 hours. ... new mercy every morning. A sun that doesn't set on anger. Freedom, that inspires us not to abuse grace but to love more deeply than we thought we were capable of, and more compassionately than we ever thought was safe.

I love that about Him.


Theresa said...

I really needed to read this.

Thank you for letting Him speak through you, Heather.

Let's talk soon. I could use coffee, carrot cake, and chatting.

Cindy said...

I agree with your post that it would be great if we could throw out the junk that ends a relationship and be able to start fresh.

One of my students came running up to me at recess crying last year. He told me that no one would play with him. He said, “I told them that I am sorry for everything I have done to you in the past”. He continued to cry.

I thought how often we all feel this way. God takes our junk and gets rid of it all.