Friday, April 21, 2006

Sherlock Holmes wears the panties in our family. (Or not).

I can't tell you how encouraging you all are.

I'm out of my league in friendships. God just works that way though. Thanks for blessing me with your thoughts.

Have to share this one... straight from Julia.

Apparently, she couldn't "hold it" tonight.

She brought the wet clothes to daddy, with guilty face and apology ready.

Jason asked her where the 'accident' happened. She pointed in one direction in the kitchen, but Jason saw a puddle in another spot. He cleaned up what he saw, and then asked her again about where her "accident" was, because looking around, he couldn't see what she had pointed to.

She matter-of-factly said:
'Daddy, if you take your shoes and socks off, you can find it.'


Apparently he didn't.
Sure enough, about an hour later, I did. :-)


Theresa said...

LOL!!!! I LOVE it!

Angie said...

I'm never going barefoot in your house.

Jennie said...

wow.... gross.... gross... gross

Shane Coffman said...

That is absolutley hilarious!