Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Checking out of reality.

Saw "United 93" Last night.


Movies are usually an escape. Or so I say. I can honestly say I have never sat through a movie physically uncomfortable and shaky from beginning to end. It is sobering, especially in the fact that for once you have no room to talk yourself into the possibilities for the ending.

It seems to be a very objective movie when it comes to the possibiliteies it makes conjectures about and it fills in the blanks realistically.
Much like I imagine the news is supposed to be, but never comes close to being anymore. You witness the events- without the commentaries.

Ordinary people making extraordinary moves ... because *life* demanded it.

I couldn't sleep last night. There is something about movies that let you check in and out of reality easily, but when the movies reflect life and there is no 5 minute thriller wrap up at the end... you think a long while on that.

It makes me wonder, even though I don't watch a ton of tv or movies anymore, how many real moments I have checked out of for the convenience of a "nicer, more pleasent" reality. It makes me wonder why we as a culture are so easy to take by surprise, and left dumfounded by evil.

On different scales, the moments that shock us continue every day. Darfur, Invisible children, and the man a few blocks away that that tried to kidnap a child.
I don't want to become more aware of the depths of evil in this world or paranoid by what I see as I open my eyes. But I certainly want to become more passionate and connected to the power of our God and His ability to change it.

He wants to use us to do it. I wonder how available we make ourselves? Or is it easier to check out?


Angie said...

Similarly, I get just as surprised by God. He just blows me away sometimes when He answers prayers or provides when there seems to be no possible way to redeem a situation. If He is the solid rock in my life that I say He is, I wonder why He still surprises me so much? Very telling for me.

Thanks for this post... gives me a lot to think about.

Blessed by our friendship,

Brenda said...

Wow Heather, you always give me so much to think about in your blogs. I haven't seen the movie but in the scheme of talking about reality...I'm not sure you could get more real than this. I wonder many times what I would do in these situations. Now I will have to see this movie.