Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Look! A post!

I've been drinking so much sweet tea, I can't eat food of any temperature or even breathe without pain in my teeth. Do you think that's a problem?
Worse- I have a dentist appointment Monday.
Even worse - my dentist is my friend. And I haven't flossed except twice since the last time his hygenist told me floss daily. (I know everyone says to, but she MEANS it.)
On top of that, I can't lie about what I've been doing.
AND, my kids will be in the room when I have to admit it.
Not gonna be good...

In other heartwarming news...
My kids got in trouble tonight. In adult terms... Julia started it, Eli kept it going, so they both got in trouble. What was fascinating was that after a series of apologies and make ups, Eli sweetly invited Julia to sleep with him, and even got an Elmo CD for her to listen too. As they crawled into bed together, I told him I was proud of him. He said "Why? She's my sister!"

Then he turned to her and said:
"Julia, I'm your brother. I will always be here for you and will protect you. And when I get a little grumpy, just remember tonight and give mercy to me."

I told him I'd always wanted to hear something like that growing up, and that I thought that was pretty cool.


Timbra said...

this was soooooo heartwarming. . . . not the tea trouble, but the brother thing. how sweet your babies are! wish we'd gotten to spend more time with you when we were in OK. someday we'll get a chance to catch up, maybe i can make lasagna?!

Taylor said...

I love your kids!!

I've had the same problem w/ my teeth before - the pain problem not the flossing one. Maybe it's my addiction to sweet tea. Have fun at the dentist!

Anonymous said...

Heather -

Just wanted you to know that "big brother" is watching you. Always watching you.

Your dentist

Rick L said...

I've been fighting the flossing thing all my life. I brush religiously and it seems like that would do a good job of cleaning my teeth. But then I read and article a couple of months ago about how the stuff that builds up when you don't floss can cause and infection that will trash your heart. Flossing has been added to the things I do religiously. Love you guys. And your kids are way too cute for their own good. :-)

Su said...

Heather, your kids are too sweet.

RE: Flossing. I saw a PBS special on Pompeii once, and they were looking at this skeleton of a rich woman. The scientist showing the skeleton pointed to the woman's teeth damage and announced, "And that's why you floss your teeth." So the moral of the story is, floss or else you may be stuck when a volcano erupts.