Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have." 1 Peter 1:15

This verse kept coming to mind this morning. (As I brushed my teeth diligently!)

I tend to guess that most people think that what will speak to others around them about their faith in Christ is their morality. And while I think the way we choose to live certainly does speak to what we value most, God tells us here that it's our hope that will cause people to look at us and wonder what's different about us. It's our hope that will open an otherwise closed door to talk about Christ.

So I have to ask myself, "How is my hope speaking to the world around me?

Do I look so different because of my hope that people ask a question about it?

Or do I blend in with the rest of the world with it's complaining, hopelessness and cynicism and because of it actually camouflage the effect Jesus has had on my reality?

I'm glad His Spirit brought it to mind. He disciplines those He loves...


Lindsay said...

Posts on two consecutive days?!? Say it isn't so! ;-) This deserves a long comment!

Maybe we should become accountability partners when it comes to flossing our teeth, since I also tend to neglect that area of hygene. ;-)

You know, I think your house is the only one I have ever known that can begin a night with children getting in trouble and finish the same night with a beautiful moment like that. I pray that both of them will always remember that promise that Eli made; it is such a powerful statement and it is exactly what God designed siblings to be for one another. Thanks for sharing that; I love hearing those stories about how God is working in your children!

Excellent thoughts about hope; I think you are right on! And in answer to your question, "Do I look so different because of my hope that people ask a question about it?" Yes! At least, it looks different to me. I know where your hope comes from, and I still marvel at it! Thanks for being who you are! He is awesome in you! I love you, friend!

Tammy said...

Thanks for the reminder. Hope is such a vital part of our walk. (I did notice all the different colors btw...reminds me that I need to finish something :)

Anonymous said...

Started flossing yet? (In my best Robert DeNiro voice) "I'm watching you!"

Your dentist

Hannah said...

Wow! That verse has never hit like it just did. Somehow I always overlooked the word HOPE. Thanks for re-pointing out to me what our Christian walk should look like. Btw, in answer to your question YES! I definately see the hope that God gives you shining in your life. Infact, It's overwhelming. (I often ask that same question of myself.) May God's hope continue to shine through us all.

Anonymous said...

You express the fact that you are blessed extremely well! You have inspired me to embrace the love that God has for me even more. Thank you!